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    Meet the favourite of all stylists! Shine On! Brush-on gel that doesn’t leave the tacky layer and is compatible with acrylic and gel methods such as Take Your Time and Builder Clear.

    4 weeks after the application the nails have the same stunning shine. It wonderfully protects the ornaments and intensifies the colour depth.

    The soft brush makes it very easy to work in the cuticle area.

    Tip: If you file off the building layer to the natural plate, first you need to apply the primer and then the Shine On!

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    A genius product which replaces dozens of others. This watery brush gel is a base, a hybrid top and a gloss top for the gel and acrylic method, all in one product.

    It can be applied to the natural plate and extended nails and that is why it works perfectly for quick filling.

    Very durable and crystalline transparent product that strengthens the colur depth and the UV filter prevents from turning yellow even in the most exotic environmental conditions.

    Having Base&Top at hand we can prepare the nail for styling, correct our errors and give the nails a perfect finish and protection of our work.

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    A truly tough guy among other gloss tops. The effect of extremely glossy nails! Soft and watery brush-on gel that can be applied over the gel and acrylic method.

    Slender brush which enables easy application in the cuticle area.

    It contains UV filter, which makes white nails that are so on this season extremely clean and flawlessly white.

    Wet Look cures under UV and LED lamps.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
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