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    NNa Formula adds high plasticity qualities to the acrylic powders. It gives you the opportunity of creating impressive ornaments not only to the advanced stylists but also to beginners.

    The peculiar scent has been reduced to a minimum – many customers choose it for their salons for that reason.

    It contains UV filter which highlights the impeccable whiteness of the french manicure.

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    Monomer dedicated to all beginner stylists. And those having beginner course participants!Acrylic method is a real art which requires a lot of practice. The initial phase is not easy but it’s worth the effrort so don’t get discouraged easily. If you are temted by the unique Indigo acrylic powders but you have your doubts about the acrylic method you need to try out Take Your Time Monomer.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
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